DC Releasing Official New Timeline Establishing Wonder Woman as First Superhero

Wow, now this is some huuuuuuge news! DC Comics is currently trying to fix their overall timeline and they just announced the biggest change. Wonder Woman will officially be their first established hero, not Superman!

According to most timelines this would make sense. After all, Wonder Woman fought in World War 1, where as Superman’s arrival on Earth has changed from the 30s to the 60s then to the 80s and now I’m assuming the 90s.

As revealed by DC’s Dan Dido during New York Comic-Con 2019, there is a new timeline coming that will take things back to the Golden Age and set Wonder Woman as the major influence that would spark the modern heroic age.

As reported by ComicBook.com from the DC Nation Panel at NYCC:

“DC will release an official new DC Timeline which will establish Wonder Woman as the first superhero of the Golden Age, and her arrival in America as key to the establishment of the Justice Society of America, according to Dan DiDio at the DC Nation panel at NYCC .

He said that Wonder Woman will be the first superhero whose arrival in America touches off the launch of the JSA. Superman was the first hero of the second generation of heroes, and then there are other eras beginning after the events of Crisis on Infinite Earths.

“We’re reintroducing aspects of our history back into it with the return of the Justice Society of America, all the way to the Legion of Super-Heroes,” DiDio said. He explained that reboots and relaunches happen because continuity becomes too complex to follow.”

Obviously this will be a massive undertaking, but it’s great to see that in this attempt at continuity organization, DC is giving Wonder Woman a prominent role, and acknowledging the Amazon Warrior’s presence pre-dating that of Superman’s arrival and maturation, which is the only logical retcon to make at this point, given the changes in Wonder Woman’s origin, linking her back to the Greek gods.

This also obviously ties the new DC Comics timeline much closer to the events of the Wonder Woman movie series, in which she has been firmly established as the first hero of justice in the DC movie universe. Even if her exploits during WWI were kept secret, it’s hard to imagine that by the events of the upcoming Wonder Woman 1984, she’ll still be such a clandestine legend. So again, this is fitting change to make.

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