Evermore Park Is The Magical Immersive Experience D&D Players Have Been Waiting For!

In a day and age where we only consume entertainment through streaming and video games, its refreshing to go to an amusement park where you don’t just go on rides and wait in lines, you become a part of the park. Evermore Park in Utah is the most extreme immersive experience you will ever come in contact with. Think Game of Thrones meets Westworld and you have Evermore.

I recently got to visit the magical park, and despite them still building the park, the areas of the park that are completed are absolutely amazing! Everyone in the park is fully in character. Residents of the park feature knights, vampires, witches, elves, and goblins. Each is in fantastical costumes that look like something right out of a feature film. You can choose to explore the park and its many locales or take part in quests that are pretty much scavenger hunts. Each quest will end with you earning the rank of Knight, Witch, or other.

Evermore Park is an experience park where guests of all ages can escape to a new realm the fantasy village of Evermore. 
Themed like a European village with its own buildings, citizens, and epic story. Guests interact with characters, go on quests, and become a part of the world of Evermore. The village of Evermore is a growing entity with changing themes, buildings, citizens, and quests.
There are many exciting and family-friendly things to do all within our park, such as:
  • Archery
  • Axe throwing
  • Bird and reptile show
  • Evermore Park-themed cuisine
  • Guild memberships
  • Horse and pony interaction
  • In-park exclusive merchandise
  • Mini productions of Evermore’s history & storyline
  • Musical character performances
  • Quests
  • Storyline discovery
  • Victorian architecture & antiques

Evermore Park has three specific seasons throughout the year themed after various mythologies: Mythos, Lore and Aurora. These seasons come with special distinct story elements, characters, and quests. During the seasons, the park is primarily open in the evenings and sometimes during the day for various events and opportunities.

In between the three seasons, the park opens at times for special events and/or daytime exploration.
In Evermore’s inaugural season, “Lore”, a mysterious portal opened and an illness called the darkness fell upon several unsuspecting inhabitants of the town. The Darkness’s most notable victim was the Fae King, the loving and benevolent leader of the fairy folk. With all of this going on the local Apothecary, Thurgood Dyad, worked feverishly to find a cure that would stay its effects. By the end of the season it was apparent that Evermore needed a champion. Using their collective strengths and intellect the champions were able to uncover the final ingredients and secrets that would bring an end to the darkness and free the Fae King from its hold.
Aurora is Evermore’s Winter Season. World Walkers will enjoy Ice Skating, Winter themed activities as well as Evermore’s famous sweet and savory treats. However, a new portal has opened to the benevolent world of Aurora, a world inspired by Nordic fantasy. World Walkers will Interact with familiar characters and meet new ones as the town transforms into a Dickensian wonderland, and the spirits of winter decorate the trees with glittering frost and light.
The Mythos portal has opened, and a host of colorful characters have settled in to the town, bringing with them traditions and holidays from their fantastical realm. Caderyn, the King of the Fairies and his fair subjects are wreaking merry havoc throughout the village. Music pours out of the Burrows where the cheerful Dwarfs reside. Goblins are bragging that they are the best dancers in all of Evermore. There are factions that are looking to add World Walkers to their ranks, to strengthen for the mighty unknown of what the portals have yet to bring. Contribute your might to the Dragon Trainers, Hunters, Knights, or Elven Rangers. The cheerful townsfolk are joyfully welcoming the coming of summer and of Mythos. Come be part of the adventure, and enter the story!
Ken Bretschneider is the mastermind behind the magical park.“It started when I was a little 5-year old kid,” Bretschneider said of the origins of Evermore. “I grew up in a really, really bad home situation where my father was very abusive, so it’s not all a happy story. But I had (a) wonderful situation happen.”

Bretschneider told of a Dutch family who lived nearby with a father who looked just like Gepetto from Disney’s “Pinocchio.” A creative man, this father would create incredible things for his children and their friends, including Bretschneider. Through elaborate tree forts, submarines, mazes and more, this man created a safe space for imagination.

“That was so important for me as kid — I needed escapism,” he said. “I had to get out of that environment. It left such a huge impact my entire life that I kept being drawn to this idea of imagination and creativity, and how it’s so important for children and adults alike to be able to explore with their imagination and have an escape for a moment, to do something that’s not part of the everyday grind.”

As not only an artist but also an entrepreneur, Bretschneider worked to where he could fulfill his dream of creating a place for imagination. He founded, built, then sold the successful encryption security company DigiCert, spent time in fine arts as an oil painter and even stepped down as the CEO of the wildly popular hyper-reality VR experience known as The VOID.

It all led to the magical park of Evermore.

The park is an ongoing experience in which you can upgrade your status and continue your second life in the magical world. Take a look at some of my pictures that I took below as I explored Evermore during its “LORE” season:

You can buy tickets to Evermore Park here.

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