Joker Wins Big At The B.O. In Its Second Week; Gemini Man Bombs

Gemini Man, an ambitious, $138 million actioner starring Will Smith as a retiring assassin forced to do battle with a clone of his younger self, earned just $7.48 million yesterday. That positions the film for a $20 million launch, which is a big whiff even with the hope that it’ll play better overseas.

The Animated Addams Family faired much better grabbing the children and young family demo. But it’s director Todd Phillips ambitious Joker movie that came out on top in its second week! The DC/WB gamble telling the origin story of the maniacal clown prince of crime brought in another 50 million to drive its total box office run at this point north of 500 million! Pretty impressive for DC’s darkest film yet.

Circling back around to Smith’s Gemini Man, the film might just be a victim of poor release time and worse marketing. The film had zero buzz around it. All anyone knew about it was “Wow, look how they made Will Smith look young.” It doesn’t help that the science fiction film was put in the middle of a superhero-related film debut and a slew of upcoming Halloween-centric films.

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