Abuse Allegation Might See Hawkeye Actor Jeremy Renner Kicked Out Of The MCU

Per We Got This Covered:

Despite playing one of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes in the MCU, it seems that Jeremy Renner may not be as pure in real life, as earlier this week we learned that the Hawkeye actor’s substance abuse issues have been causing a lot of problems in his personal life. His ex-wife, Sonni Pacheco, has filed a motion for sole custody of their daughter, with the reason being that Renner regularly abuses cocaine and alcohol.

Allegedly, this has led to some erratic behavior on his part, including threatening to kill Pacheco and also shooting a gun into the ceiling of their house, which came after he apparently put the gun in his own mouth and threatened to pull the trigger. A nanny for the family has also said that she overheard Renner talking about planning to kill himself and his ex-wife.

If true, this all paints a pretty shocking and sad home life for one of Hollywood’s biggest names and you have to wonder what kind of ramifications it’ll have for his career now that it’s out there. While Renner has already denied the claims, many people have begun to turn their back on him and what’s more, we’re hearing that Marvel/Disney is considering recasting Hawkeye, as the Mouse House doesn’t want their family friendly image tainted with this troubling news.

It’s not sure if Disney will indeed recast the role of Hawkeye this late into the game. What do you think? Should Renner go? Let us know in the comments.

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