Introducing FANGORIA.com
Your Homepage for Horror

FANGORIA.com is going to become the first click of the day for any lover of the genre (AKA you). When you visit Fango Dot Com, expect to find: 

  • Careful, constant curation of our favorite links from across the world wide web of terror
  • Long-form pieces, deep dives and daily thoughts from Tony TimponePhil Nobile Jr., and more!
  • Scans from the FANGORIA VAULT (including, right now, Issues #1-5 from our 1979 run)
  • Latest selection of our podcasts and exclusive video content, all in one place!

New readers can choose between:

  • FANGORIA+ Membership ($79.99, including four physical issues of our magazine, full digital access, invitations to special events and screenings, and much more) 
  • Online-Only Membership (one year of full digital access for, appropriately, $19.79) 

There is, of course, the Free Membership account, which lets you have access to your first three articles of the month and the always-updating, curated links!
Congratulations on reading this far because …IN CELEBRATION OF TODAY’S LAUNCH, for literally right now only, we’re discounting the cost of the subscription to FANGORIA+ by 30%.
Use promo code “DOTCOM” (see what we did there) and get 30% off your year of Fango+ (now just $55.99).
It’s been forty years and FANGORIA is just a little … different now. The new guard strikes a balance between legacy and evolution, between the comfort of the familiar and the excitement of the unknown. But one thing has remained a constant, from our first-ever issue with Godzilla ripping through the cover, to our most recent edition featuring Robert Eggers (THE LIGHTHOUSE) in conversation with Ari Aster (MIDSOMMAR, HEREDITARY): the insight and love you’ve come to expect from The World’s Best Horror and Cult Film Magazine … since 1979. And it’s now online, too.
We’re excited for you all to see what we have planned and how starting your day with FANGORIA.com is the perfect place for horror fans.

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