HipsterZOMBIEJoint Movie Review – Bliss

This movie is bonkers! If you want to watch a trippy, punk rock, sexy, artsy, vampire movie this Halloween, look no further than Bliss. Director Joe Begos film is like a horrific fever dream filled with drugs sex and rock n roll.

Lead actress Dora Madison is magnificent in the film as a down on her luck starving artist looking for a fix so she can complete an art piece.

Critics Consensus: Bliss may be too narratively and visually intense for less adventurous viewers, but should trigger the titular state in those with a taste for hard-hitting horror.

If you get sick or have an adverse sensation while looking at strobe lights be warned. This film is filled with that effect.

The film never fully lets us know if Madison’s character Dezzy is in fact suffering from vampirism. The narrative is unreliable so it could be her and her friends are vampires or just tripping hard on drugs. Either way the story is like fine art. At first glance you will not get it and probably not like it but if you keep looking at it you will see it for the masterpiece it is. Highly recommended.

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