Watch All Godzillas from across Toho History bow down to honor Legendary’s Big G!

All Godzilla bowing down to LegendaryGodzilla in this

amazing video by Pschronize at YouTube

Song: King of The Monsters

Artist: Bear McCreary

Godzilla is one of the most famous monster icons in all of movie history, and the Toho born Kaiju has since spawned a huge multi-film franchise that has sparked all sorts of spin-offs, TV shows, merchandise, cartoons, and even anime. Over the course of its run, the Godzilla franchise has inspired plenty of various other challengers to the throne. But no matter what kind of monster steps up to the plate, Godzilla is always ready to throw down. It’s impressive considering that Godzilla has turned 65 this year.

But even as the famous Kaiju has entered the second half of its 60s, it’s still going just as strong. With a recent appearance in Godzilla: King of the Monsters setting up Godzilla as the king of a new generation of Titans, it’s clear that there are another 60 plus years of greatness ahead for this franchise.

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