HipsterZOMBIEJoint Cosplay Spotlight 11/7/19

Welcome to the HipsterZOMBIEJoint Cosplay Spotlight! This is a weekly feature that will spotlight cosplayers and all the hard work they pour into their creations. They don’t just put on costumes, they become their costumes! This week’s cosplayers include:

@infinitepolygoncosplay as Sandman

@domcharland as Green Lantern

@vm_cosplays as Spider-Woman

@thatnerdbird as Harley Quinn/Marilyn Monroe

@brieyusko as Captain Marvel

@katydecobray as Red Sonja

@marissasodope as Wonder Woman

@tiger_0613 as Spider-Man

@emg555 as Ice-Man

@wellrusted.workshop as Fallout Power Suit

Check back next week for a fresh batch of new Cosplayers featured in the Cosplay Spotlight! Who knows, the Spotlight could shine on you next!

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