This Femme Fatal Is Out For Blood In The Trailer For Hulu’s “REPRISAL”

She’s coming to collect. Reprisal is a hyper-noir story that follows a relentless femme fatale who, after being left for dead, sets out to take revenge against her brother and his bombastic gang of gearheads. Reprisal premieres December 6 on Hulu.

Per Collider:

“My brother’s gang did me very, very wrong.” With that simple statement, Abigail Spencer (True Detective) lays out the motivation for a revenge-fueled mission full of guns, cars, and the lowest, breathiest-talking people you’ve ever heard. All of this and more stylishly luxuriates throughout the trailer of Reprisal, a new Hulu thriller that comes to the streaming service December 6.

Spencer is our leading femme fatale-turned-detective, a woman left for dead by her deadbeat brother and gang of nefarious ne’er-do-wells. And what do you do when you’re left for dead? Get revenge, of course. Combining the timeless iconography of Americana (Those cars! Those neon signs! Everyone’s hair!) with very contemporary feeling performances, camera moves, and bursts of violence, Reprisal looks to scratch a very particularly genre fan’s itch.


Beyond Spencer, who’s having an absolute blast playing this vengeance-fueled role, other faces who show up in the trailer include Ron PerlmanRodrigo SantoroMena MassoudDavid DastmalchianLea DeLaria, and more. Every actor chews up their foreboding, hyper-stylized lines with extra gravy, working lockstep with creator Josh Corbin‘s (StartUp) specific vision. The show was also produced by Warren Littlefield, who gave us other genre-muckraking TV titles like The Handmaid’s Tale and Fargo. I, personally, am very into what this show seems to be putting down. I love noir, stories of revenge, powerful women who are tired of all the bullshit, and melodramatically gritty lines of street poetry. If you love these things, too, you’ll find a lot to dig about Reprisal. But if any of those things rub you the wrong way, Reprisal‘s seeming tendency to crank them all up to 11 might rub you the wrong way, too.

“What do you plan to do to them?” asks one concerned character to Spencer. Spencer’s response? “You don’t want to know.” If you do want to know, Reprisal drops on Hulu December 6, to give your holidays a smack full of coal. Check out the official trailer and synopsis below. For more on gritty Hulu stuff, have you heard about the upcoming Clive Barker movie?

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