Death Note Sequel Still Alive At Netflix

Did you like Netflix’s live-action adaptation of Death Note?

I personally liked the American adaptation but there is a contingent of fans who absolutely hated it. Despite this, the sequel is still going to happen.

Per Bleeding Cool:

The 2017 Hollywood adaptation of Death Note attempted to stay fairly true to its source material, however fans of the anime weren’t exactly the keenest on the film’s overall quality compared to the anime that has become a classic. There have been other anime titles released or in production as of late, such as, Ghost in the Shell, the upcoming Cowboy Bebop series, a One Piece series, Naruto and Attack on Titan films being just a few titles that will earn live-action adaptations.

Though Death Note isn’t a widely successful movie from a critic standpoint, the Netflix title clearly found a large enough audience to move forward with a sequel to the crime/fantasy film. Some began to wonder about the legitimacy of a possible sequel after silence for two years, but now the film’s writer Greg Russo has taken to social media to provide fans with an update about the already announced Death Note 2.

Russo teases fans by sharing, “Appreciate all the check-ins from Death Note fans. Have something very cool in the works for the franchise- can’t talk about it yet but it’s def alive and in good hands.” Of course, the comment is still very vague in itself, but at least this does let Death Notefans know that there will be more to come for the franchise — unlike Ghost in the Shell or Dragon Ball.

The ending of the film does leave more to possible explore in the world of Death Note, but another option could be to try something more original set in the same world. Because anime fans have so much love for their favorite series, there will be plenty of people analyzing each avenue the film could take, but whatever it is it’ll be interesting to see where Netflix takes the franchise next.

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