HipsterZOMBIEJoint Movie Review: Charlie’s Angels (2019)

This film is a dud that fails to revitalize the franchise. Elizabeth Banks is a great actress but she once again shows she has a long ways to go before being considered a good director. The jokes are not funny and the action is uninspired.

Equally unimpressive is actress Noami Scott who just comes across like a low-rent and unlikeable Anna Kendrick. Surprisingly the only actress who shines in the film is Kristen Stewart. She’s the only actress who acts like she is in a Charles Angels Film. Everyone else is treating this like it’s a Mission Impossible Film. Angel films are supposed to be fun and cheesy. However this film was just boring and put me to sleep at least twice.

The idea of expanding the Angel organization and trying to make it into something like Marvel’s Shield is a nice addition but they don’t do almost anything with it. A real shame.

With that said, 2019’s Charlie’s Angels is one film to avoid. This is a contender for a top 10 worst of the year film.

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