“Jesus Is King” A Sunday Service Experience at Lakewood Church with Kanye West

Streamed live on Nov 17, 2019

And per Complex:

Two titans in hip-hop are joining forces as it’s been revealed Kanye West and Dr. Dre have plans to release a collaborative project titled Jesus Is King Part II.

Surprised? We don’t blame you. While they have worked with many of the same artists over the years—like JAY-Z, Game, and Nas—the two have never released something together, though Kanye in particular has shown admiration for his legendary counterpart in the past. ‘Ye famously admitted he “bit the drums off ‘Xxplosive'” with a sped-up sample to create JAY’s “This Can’t Be Life” on the outro to The College Dropout‘s “Last Call.” 

The announcement comes less than a month after ‘Ye released his ninth solo album, Jesus Is King, which focused on God and Christianity. Based on the title, it sounds like he’ll be continuing that message with this new project. Keep in mind, Kanye is also planning to release Jesus Is Born, a Sunday Service album, on Christmas.

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