JOKER 2 On The Way Or Not?!?

Well, Warner Bros just couldn’t help themselves. After making a billion dollars at the box office, director Todd Philips and actor Joaquin Phoenix are circling around the idea for a proposed sequel to Joker. But will it actually happen?

Per Screen Rant:

What set Joker apart from other comic book adaptations (besides its R-rating and dark, gritty tone) is the fact it was conceived as a one-off. Despite drawing from the Batman mythos, Joker was not pre-occupied with laying the groundwork for future installments, instead focusing squarely on Arthur Fleck’s descent into madness. However, both Phoenix and Phillips said publicly they would be open to making a sequel should the right idea come to mind. And WB is more than happy to let the two continue.

According to THR, a Joker sequel is now in development. Phillips will return to direct, as well as co-write the screenplay with Scott Silver. Phoenix, of course, is back in line to reprise his role. UPDATE: Deadline reports there are no deals set with either Phillips or Silver to return for a Joker sequel, nor has Warner Bros. begun negotiations with them.

While WB is chomping at the bit to shoot the sequel they are also kicking around the idea of other villain focused films.

Per Movieweb:

While the Joker sequel might not be happening right away, it looks like Phillips may be in early negotiations to take on more origin stories for DC. Phillips reportedly pitched the idea to the studio, though it has not been revealed who the new villains would be. It should be said that there is a conflicting report stating that the meeting between Phillips and the studio never happened. The director has yet to address the stories, but one can imagine he will soon.

Joker turned the comic book genre on its head and many are going to try and replicate its success. The dark and twisted take is based in reality and something that has taken many by surprise. With that being said, it seems only natural that DC would want to try the experiment again with a new character, no matter how hard it will be to stand in the shadow of what Todd Phillipsand Joaquin Phoenix pulled off with Joker. It will be interesting to see what the studio decides to do and if Phillips remains on board.

Another thing that sets Joker apart from the rest of the pack is that it has no connections to the previous DCEU movies. The studio has been doing self-contained projects lately and they have found great success with Wonder Woman and Aquaman, along with the new take on the Clown Prince of Crime. Adding to the speculation is the fact that Joker is now the most profitable comic book movie in history. So, it’s fitting that we’re hearing whispers of something new coming from the same creative team.

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