Titans Star Accidentally Leaks Season 3 Spoiler!!!

Per Comic Book News:

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for the Titans Season 2 finale, “Nightwing,” streaming now on DC Universe.

While Donna Troy may have seemingly met her untimely end in the Titans Season 2 finale saving Dove and an innocent bystander from collateral damage, the character may be poised for a return in Season 3 of the DC Universe original series.

While appearing on the DC Universe talk show DC Daily to discuss the season finale, Titans star Conor Leslie teased that there is plenty of directions to take her character, pending a strongly hinted resurrection.

“This is interesting because the whole Troia storyline has yet to explored,” observed Leslie without divulging further details about her character’s possible return.

Troia was a superhero persona linked to the DC Multiverse adopted by Donna Troy following her resurrection after being killed by a rogue Superman android, with Wonder Woman’s protege playing a pivotal role during the Infinite Crisis. With Raven taking Donna’s body back to Themyscira with plans to use her powers to resurrect her, Troia may be making her live-action debut in Titans‘ upcoming third season.

Conor was a stand out amongst the class and helped bring balance to the team. Conor Leslie brings such an intensity to the role and her death in the finale was really dumb. The sooner she comes back to the series the better.

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