Disney+ Is Doing An Aladdin Spin-Off No One Asked For…

So Disney+ is in the spin-off game. After seeing the success of The Mandalorian and seeing all the Marvel shows that will be popping up in 2020, they thought “why not spin-off some of our Disney live-action characters.” So naturally they chose Aladdin. But not the title character himself.

The Disney+ spinoff starring Prince Anders, the white prince of Skanland who plays a minor role in the film as one of Jasmine’s suitors who have a series completely devoted to him.

Prince Anders is the only major Caucasian character in the live-action Aladdin, but his character is less important than the actor who plays him. Anders is portrayed by Billy Magnussen, who has appeared in myriad films and television shows. It’s been reported that Magnussen came to Disney about the feature spinoff. It is, essentially, the actor’s idea.

It’s just odd that such a minor character would get such a high profile movie on the streaming service. But who knows, it could be a great script that will surprise us all.

As for Aladdin and Jasmine? It remains to be seen if we will see them in live-action again but post-Aladdin the two haven’t had much luck. Naomi Scott’s latest film Charlie’s Angels bombed and Mena Massoud has reported he can’t even get an audition since the Disney film. Where’s genie now that they really need him???

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