Star Trek Deep Space Nine Actor Passes Away

Prolific actor René Auberjonois, best known for his role as shape-shifter Changeling Odo in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, has died at the age of 79. The actor died Sunday at his home in Los Angeles of metastatic lung cancer, his son son Rèmy-Luc confirmed to the Associated Press.

Auberjonois has starred in numerous films such as director Robert Altman’s which he played Father Mulcahy. He appeared in other Altman movies such as McCabe and Mrs. Miller, Brewster McCloud, and Images. Auberjonois also appeared in the 1976 King Kong movie, The Patriot, Batman Forever, and Eyes of Laura Mars.

Auberjonois’ character Odo in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine was often treated as an outside by other characters, which in turn made Odo rather gruff and persnickety at time. His character was hilariously sarcastic, but he also could show a certain sensitivity that only outsiders can fully understand. He was one of my favorite Star Trek characters.

His Deep Space Nine co-star Armin Shimerman who played Quark tweeted on Sunday a favorite memory of the actor. 

“His last message to me was entitled ‘Don’t forget…’,” Shimerman tweeted. “I know that I, Kitty and all that knew him will never forget. The world seems noticeably emptier now. I loved him.”

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