Rise Of Skywalker DLC Coming To Star Wars: Battlefront 2

NEW BATTLEFRONT 2 CONTENT! The Rise Of Skywalker update comes December 17th! Bringing us 4 new reinforcements! The Sith Trooper and the new Jet Trooper (seperate from the current) for the first order and the resistance Gunner and Spy for the Resistance! The gunner and spy will be new aliens from Episode IX! The current sequel trilogy maps will be brought to Instant Action and CoOp modes and a little later to Capital Supremacy where we can board the first order star destroyer and resistance capital ships! December 20th we will get a new map from Episode IX! The jungle planet from the trailers! Of course new hero and villain skins for Kylo Ren, Rey, and Finn from the new film are coming! Then I’m January we will be getting BB-8 and BB-9E as new hero/villain!!! Yup you saw that right. BB-8 is coming as a playable hero next month! And new content is planned in February and March! I smell clone wars… possibly Ahsoka! Seriously this game is FANTASTIC!

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