Vampirella Is Sinking Her Teeth Into Audible!

Writer Nancy A. Collins has written an all-new Vampirella story that is now in trade paper back and has recently popped up on Audible with narration by Kristen Wall!

Check out the synopsis below:

Vampirella: Blood Invasion

Vampirella, Book 1
Narrated by: Kristin Wall

Vampires from outer space invade Earth to feast on the blood of the living!

Years ago, Drakulon – a planet of living vampires, where it rains blood instead of water – faced a terrible drought. So, they sent space scouts out into the cosmos to search for a new home, one where blood was plentiful. 

The bravest of these volunteers was the beautiful and bold Vampirella, who found herself marooned on a strange new world – one called Earth. Unable to return to her home, Vampirella sets about making a new life for herself on a planet where all other vampires are undead creatures born of evil. 

Over the years, she becomes famous as a monster hunter and defender of the weak and powerless. She even finds friendship and, for a time, love. But one day, the skies of Earth fill with spaceships as Vampirella’s people, led by General Orlok, finally arrive on the only other planet in the universe where blood flows as freely as it did on Drakulon.

Vampirella is, at first, delighted to be reunited with her long-lost love, Tristan, and eager to help her people make a new beginning on her adopted home world. But when she rebels against General Orlok’s dark plans for Earth, Vampirella is branded a traitor and made a political prisoner until she escapes with the help of her sworn enemy, Count Dracula! 

Together with her best friend, the were-woman Pantha, Vampirella must put aside her hatred of monsters as she fights alongside an unholy rebel army compromised of witches, the living dead, Dr. Frankenstein, and his patchwork creations in order to save not just the human race, but the Earth itself! 

Because, as they say: The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

This is the perfect holiday gift for any horror or Vampirella fan in your life!

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