‘Cats’ Bound To Lose At Least $71M

Cats is the big bomb of this holiday box-office season. Despite being a renowned broadway musical, the love did not translate to cinemas. Maybe it’s because this generation doesn’t like Cats. Maybe it’s because the Cats in the movie looked disturbing. One thing is for sure, it stand to lose its studio close to a 100 million dollars.

Per Deadline:

No amount of star power from Taylor Swift, James Corden, Idris Elba, Jason Derulo, etc., nor the direction of Oscar-winner Tom Hooper, could save Cats at the global box office.

Our finance sources informed us over this weekend that the Universal/Amblin/Working Titlefeature adaptation of the near $4 billion-grossing Andrew Lloyd Webber stage musical is bound to lose at least $71M — that is, if the pic reaches a global box office result of $100M, meaning $40M stateside and $60M abroad. This is based off a production cost of $90M net–the pic was shot on soundstages in London–and a $115M estimated global P&A spend. The scariest takeaway here from the bombing of Cats (and this observation is continually the headache of all major studio marketing and PR departments for all their marquee titles) is that, despite all the goodwill creatively in building a premium feature take on a big IP musical over the course of a year, the final death sentence for Cats came down in its last few days before its opening. Years ago, a studio could open a movie with bad reviews and have it play out. But the collective power of Rotten Tomatoes is the Roman thumbs up or down that determines the fate of a movie at the box office.

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