Collider Movie News Sacrifices Quality For Woke-Ness & Cancels Multiple Shows

Geeks + Gamers perfectly breaks down the collapse of Collider Movie News and many of its multiple spin-offs. They sacrificed quality for spouting overly poltical “woke” none-sense and forcing diversity into its staff instead of people who have actual knowledge about the business. The once very promising news outlet became less concerned reporting news and more outspoken about their personal political viewpoints that alienated their audience and appeased an invisible audience that never gave a shit about any of their programs.

The Wrap goes into further detail:

On the chopping block are the shows “Movie Talk,” “Collider Live,” “Jedi Council” and “Heroes.” As of Jan. 2, production has ceased on all four shows; “We cannot begin to express the depth of our gratitude to our loyal fans and to those who worked tirelessly on these productions,” Marc Fernandez, CEO of Collider said in a statement Thursday.

Collider said in a statement announcing the move that the site “continues expanding its commitment to high-quality, scripted, unscripted, and celebrity-driven content across all media and platforms.” Collider’s video division will now “refocus” on “premium content that goes beyond film and television commentary, and “on popular series like Comic Book Shopping and The Deepfake Saga.”

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