John Campea Goes Ham On Idiotic Statements Following The Demise Of Collider

I have so much respect for John Campea and the old school team of Mark Ellis, John Schnepp, and other from the OG days of Collider News. Hell, I loved them when they were still AMC Movie Talk. They were a show people who loved talking about movies like I would with my friends and family. I embraced them. They became my number one source for TRUSTED news. They helped inspire HipsterZOMBIEJoint. Then as the years went on, talent left and eventually John Campea left. That should have been a red flag. Newer panelists came on who were less knowledgeable and the shows lost what made it great. Now, the Collider family of shows are dead.

Jack Hind was seen on Twitter disparaging the shows and fans that build the channel. This didn’t sit well with fans, and particularly with Collider Video creator John Campea… Who hasn’t spoken much about any of this for years… well Jack and Marc Fernandez’s treatment of his colleagues and the brand he built spurred on EPIC Rant.

The entertainment world needs more people like John Campea and less of this Jack Hind asshole.

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