Selena Gomez Releases The Music Video For “Rare”

In the psychedelic music video for “Rare,” Selena channels her inner wood nymph, prancing around a mossy meadow covered in glitter. Lately, the pop star has been channeling 1970s trends and for “Rare,” she really leaned in. Selena wore nothing but ’70s attire throughout the video and even unveiled a new ‘do straight out of the time period.

“It was so fun to be in this ethereal forest dream,” Gomez said in a tweet about the “Rare” music video.

It’s not hard to imagine who Gomez is subtweeting with this new song (along with a few other tracks off the album), after her highly-publicized relationship and breakup with Justin Bieber and subsequent hiatus from the public eye to work on her mental and physical health. But rather than looking back on her past with negative emotions, she’s using Rare — which she describes as “honest, empowering, and uplifting” with a message of “self love, acceptance, and empowerment” — to move on in a positive way and to “celebrate how far [she’s] come.”

Gomez’s new album is now streaming on Apple Music and Spotify.

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