HipsterZOMBIEJoint Movie Review: Into The Dark – My Valentine

Into the Dark, the holiday themed horror anthology from Blumhouse that airs on Hulu is a hit or miss. The first season was unique that it had more good than bad. Season 2 however, not so much. Now comes “My Valentine” this year’s Valentines Day themed episode.

Songwriter Valentine (Britt Baron) takes the stage for what’s hoped to be her explosive comeback, and the crowd goes wild. Afterward, while collecting her belongings backstage, an old friend bribes the club’s staff to swiftly vacate. Valentine walks out to her ex-boyfriend Royal (Benedict Samuel), which comes as a shock, along with his new muse and songstress Trezzure (Anna Lore). Royal demands Valentine stop performing “his” songs – tracks Valentine wrote during their relationship – but this time she refuses to let her male abuser win. Done with the lies, pleas, and rage-fueled domination tactics.

The episode is really about overcoming an abusive relationship and learning how to be yourself again without having to cater to someone else’s needs or wants.

Artist Dresage is credited with developing Valentine and Trezzure’s catalog, which is the most memorable aspect of My Valentine. Specifically, a song titled “The Knife” could be mistaken for another CHRVCHES or K.Flay chart-topper. Seriously the song has been stuck in my head and I don’t even care because it’s that catchy.

The episode is shot like the bombastic Scott Pilgrim but has the feel of the thriller Green Room. This is one episode of Into The Dark that is highly recommended.

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