HipsterZOMBIEJoint New Music Friday Picks 3/6/20

Lots of great new albums are dropping today to get us rockin’ through the weekend! All of these albums and more are now streaming on Apple Music and Spotify.

I Love Me (single) Demi Lovato

Per Rolling Stone:

After taking a hiatus from the spotlight for nearly two years after suffering an overdoseDemi Lovato gave back-to-back comeback performances in 2020, debuting a new song, “Anyone,” at the Grammys before singing the National Anthem at Super Bowl LIV the following week.

On Thursday at midnight, the singer returned with the video for her first official new single since 2018, “I Love Me.” In the buoyant clip, the singer battles multiple versions of herself and also struts down a street contemplating the many insecurities that hold people down. Her confident stride and dancing showcases the resilience that’s found in learning to love one’s self.

Wildcard – Miranda Lambert

Per Pitchfork:

Miranda Lambert opens Wildcard with confidence: “I’m finally on the up and up.” It’s jarring to hear her use the word finally here, as she’s seemed to be on a long ascent for the past few years. Following the public dissolution of her marriage to fellow country star Blake Shelton, her 2016 double album The Weight of These Wings debuted at No. 1 on Billboard’s country charts. Last year’s reunion with the Pistol Annies delivered another bout of biting, clear-eyed songwriting from Lambert and her bandmates. With Wildcard, she cheerfully exposes her sometimes-chaotic inner life, wearing her heart on her sleeve as she reaches for another shot of tequila.

Stripped – Halestorm

Per HipsterZOMBIEJoint:

Halestorm turns the dial down from 11 for an acoustic version of some of their tracks from 2018’s Vicious Album. Lzzy Hale continues to show her vocal range. A voice that is just as powerful when it’s stripped down, hence the album title Stripped.

Carnivore – Body Count

Per Consequence of Sound:

From the reimagined rap cuts to the adrenaline-pumping instrumentation to the lyrical themes, Carnivore stands as a prime example of Body Count’s many strong qualities. While the record doesn’t reinvent the wheel in any major ways, it offers an exciting array of musicianship that’ll keep listeners hyped.

Collector – Disq

Per The Guardian:

Faced with bleak job prospects, corrupted politics and a planet in existential crisis, it’s no wonder young indie rockers are currently given to both moping and 90s nostalgia. Joining the likes of Snail Mail and Soccer Mommy at a bedroom shrine to Pavement, Weezer and Teenage Fanclub are this young slacker-indie outfit fromWisconsin who, you suspect, have been asked to tidy away a few socks in their time.

Brilliant opener Daily Routine lurches through time changes like someone trying to rouse themselves for their boring grind, and when they do, they hit a seam of Beach Boys sweetness amid the power chords. Parquet Courts are another clear touchstone (even if Disq don’t quite have their sophistication) on garage-punk tracks such as I’m Really Trying, but they have admirable range for a group who are only just into their 20s. I Wanna Die rides an Iron Man-style cock-rock riff, but just before it, Trash recalls a delicate Elliott Smith ballad (producer Rob Schnapf helmed Smith’s classic LPs).

Ceremony – Phantogram

Per Billboard:

The break between Three and Ceremony allowed for a regrouping that exhibited itself in a renewed vigor and the aforementioned reflection. “In a Spiral,” with its guitar-driven hook, could possibly serve as a diary entry of the highly charged period Three encompassed, with a chorus that wails: “I can see the end is coming round / Every day, every day, in a spiral.”

“In a way I guess it’s true that Three was the highest we’ve been, but I don’t really feel that way when I look back at it,” muses Barthel. “Each album cycle and each record is just a different type of height and type of success, I guess. They’re each a success because we’re proud we’re able to do this as a career — to be artists and write down what we’re going through.”

Come back next week for a fresh batch of new music Friday picks only on the HipsterZOMBIEJoint Experience!

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