The King Of Hip-Hop Teams Up With The King of the Monsters! Watch The Music Video For Eminem’s “Godzilla”

Per Billboard:

Eminem thinks he’s invincible in his monstrous video for “Godzilla” that he released Monday (March 9), but he’s quickly proven wrong.

The music video, directed by Lyrical Lemonade’s Cole Bennett, starts off in a Costco-resembling supermarket where the Music to Be Murdered By artist brings his first lyric — “I can swallow a bottle of alcohol and I’ll feel like Godzilla” — to life. The drunk rapper mozzies around the store with odd characters, some of whom he plays himself, before he blows Lego chunks.

Even though he triumphantly lands back on his feet atop a mountain of his entire discography, spitting fire “Like a liar’s pants” in front of an audience full of shoppers, Eminem is forced to run away from them before Mike Tyson accidentally knocks him out.

His longtime collaborator Dr. Dre plays up his title by wearing a white coat and blue scrubs alongside Eminem, who simultaneously plays the fellow doctor and the “I Need a Doctor” rapper’s patient. Both of Shady’s characters switch off rapping his fiery and fierce last verse before Bennett signs off the clip with a special tribute to Juice WRLD, the song’s featured artist who died at just 21 years old on Dec. 8 from an accidental overdose.

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