HipsterZOMBIEJoint New Music Friday Picks 3/13/20

Lots of great new albums are dropping today to get us rockin’ through the weekend! All of these albums and more are now streaming on Apple Music and Spotify.

New Tunes!

Caution (single) The Killers

Per Rolling Stone:

Former Fleetwood Mac guitarist Lindsey Buckingham appears on the new Killers‘ song, “Caution.” The track is the lead single from the band’s upcoming album, Imploding the Mirage, out May 29th on Island Records. “Let me introduce you to the featherweight queen,” frontman Brandon Flowers belts.

A Written Testimony – Jay Electronica

Per Sterogum:

In some ways, A Written Testimonyis a concept album about Jay Electronica not wanting to make an album. Whenever Jay Elec isn’t talking about ancient wisdom or Islamic scripture, he’s discussing his own reluctance to venture into the spotlight. He calls himself “Mr. Headlines, who signed every contract and missed the deadlines.” He talks about his hype, regarding his supposed promise with a mixture of suspicion and depression: “When I look inside the mirror, all I see is flaws/ When I look inside the mirror, all I see is Mars/ In the wee hours of night, tryna squeeze out bars/ Bismillah, just so y’all could pick me apart?” (Mars is Jay Elec’s daughter with Erykah Badu. Bismillah is the Arabic expression that means “in the name of God.”)

Kiss My Super Bowl Ring – The Garden

Per Exclaim:

The Shears brothers draw inspiration from music far and wide, converting it to suit their own absurdist punk ways. With the Nirvana-esque grunge in the opening track “Clench to Stay Awake,” the explosive drum and bass in “Sneaky Devil” and the trap-inspired switch-ups and harp samples in “Hit Eject,” there is not a single uninteresting second throughout the entirety of Kiss My Super Bowl Ring. Listeners are exposed to music that is volatile and surprising, devolving into clamorous rage or ascending into catchy melody at any given instance.

Healer – Grouplove

Per the AU Review:

Returning to our ears after a few near traumatic years, Grouplove are back in 2020 with a revitalised sound and lust for music. Always capable of writing a bonafide pop song in the past, the Californian five-piece are back with Healer, an album as up and down as a pushup.

Loyal Brave True (single) Christina Aguilera

Per Entertainment Weekly:

The Grammy-winning singer-songwriter released a new original song from Disney’s upcoming live-action remake of the 1998 animated classic Friday, lending her powerhouse vocals to the powerful pop ballad titled “Loyal Brave True.” The song gently builds to its rousing conclusion while Aguilera sings over organic strings, piano, and drums. “War is not freedom. Over my shoulder I see a clearer view. All for my family, the reason I’m breathing, everything to lose,” she sings in the opening verses, while the chorus continues: “Should I ask myself in the water what a warrior would do? Tell me underneath my armor am I loyal, brave, and true?”

Come back next week for a fresh batch of new music Friday picks only on the HipsterZOMBIEJoint Experience!

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