Wrestlemania 36 Will Go On With NO AUDIENCE

Wrestlemania 36 is the ONLY sporting event that is not shying away from the Coronavirus panic. However, thats not to say that this particular Wrestlemania will be very unconventional.

WWE on Monday announced that it was moving its premier event, WrestleMania on April 5, from Tampa, Fla., to its Performance Center in Orlando, Fla., and closing the card to the public.

Meaning, like the Smackdown of last week and Raw of this week, will have NO AUDIENCE. All the grandeur and spectacle of the biggest wrestling pay per view of the year will now be in a performance center. Not exactly what we have come to expect with an event as big as Wrestlemania.

The company said the decision was made “(i)n coordination with local partners and government officials.” Only “essential personnel” will be permitted inside the Performance Center for the pay-per-view.

WWE Owner, Vince McMahon, isn’t known for backing down to anyone or anything. WWE doesn’t do off seasons or take days off. It is a constant. Even in the face of a deadly virus.

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