Free Comic Book Day Postponed

Sadly, Diamond Comic Distributors have officially announced that Free Comic Book Day (or “FBCD” for short) has officially been postponed this year.

Originally, the celebratory day was meant to occur on Saturday, May 2nd, but due to the global threat of COVID-19, A.K.A. the Coronavirus it is now in midst of being rescheduled for sometime latter this year.

This official announcement was made by Diamond Comic Distributors chairman/founder Steve Geppi in a letter to retailers (which I won’t be printing on here for I didn’t have permission to do so) informing those retailers that the annual event has been postponed “to a date later in the Summer”. At this time, Diamond still plans to ship FCBD 2020 titles to retailers over the next few weeks with regular shipments, with billing said to be delayed until the first week of August. Retailers are suggested that all FCBD titles be given away for “free” (hence the name) on Free Comic Book Day, retailers themselves buy each issue (and pay any applicable shipping and handling charges). What do you all think? Disappointed?

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