So As People Are Dying From A Deadly Virus…KIM V. TAYLOR 2!!!

It’s a feud that we thought was resolved but guess again! The battle lines are being drawn as social media blood is being spilt throughout the Twitter-verse. Yes that’s right, Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian are butting heads again!

Per CNN:

The pair are back at it in terms of a very famous phone call which has reignited the choosing of Team Tay vs. Team Kim and Kanye.

A leaked video made the rounds on social media this past weekend which claims to be the full recorded phone conversation between Swift and Kanye West regarding his controversial lines about her in his 2016 song “Famous.”

On Monday Swift took to her Instagram stories to react to all the renewed interest in the beef between her and the Wests.

“Instead of answering those who are asking how I feel about video footage that was leaked, proving that I was telling the truth the whole time about *that call* (you know, the one that was illegally recorded, that somebody edited and manipulated in order to frame me and put me, my family, and fans through hell for 4 years),” the singer wrote. “Swipe up to see what really matters.”

Swiping up led her followers to a donation page for the organization Feeding America. 

In the next Instagram story Swift wrote that she has been donating to Feeding America and the World Health Organization during the coronavirus pandemic.

Kim struck back via social media hours later with:

“. @taylorswift13 has chosen to reignite an old exchange – that at this point in time feels very self-serving given the suffering millions of real victims are facing right now,” the beauty mogul tweeted.

Many Swift supporters believe the newly leaked 25 minute long video proves the singer was telling the truth about not signing off on West rapping the lyrics “To all my southside n****s that know me best/I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex/Why? I made that b**** famous.”

Kardashian West became an integral part of the beef between her husband and Swift when in 2016 she released a Snapchat video meant to rebut Swift’s claim that she hadn’t heard the song and had not given her approval. 

“I don’t want to do rap that makes people feel bad.” West could be heard saying to Swift on the phone in his wife’s Snapchat video. 

“Umm, yeah I mean go with whatever line you think is better,” Swift responds. “It’s obviously very tongue in cheek either way. And I really appreciate you telling me about it, that’s really nice.”

The backlash against Swift after the Snapchat video was released gave birth to the “Taylor Swift is a snake” movement on social media and the singer has said it contributed to her withdrawing into herself and channeling her hurt into her 2017 album “Reputation.”

Kardashian West tweeted Monday that she “didn’t feel the need to comment a few days ago, and I’m actually really embarrassed and mortified to be doing it right now, but because she continues to speak on it, I feel I’m left without a choice but to respond because she is actually lying.”

“To be clear, the only issue I ever had around the situation was that Taylor lied through her publicist who stated that “Kanye never called to ask for permission…”,” Kardashian West tweeted. “They clearly spoke so I let you all see that. Nobody ever denied the word “b***h” was used without her permission.”

Swift Publicist even got a few jabs as well:

“I’m Taylor’s publicist and this is my UNEDITED original statement,” Paine tweeted. “Btw, when you take parts out, that’s editing. P.S. who did you guys piss off to leak that video?”

In another series of tweets Kardashian West denied editing the clip she posted, defended her husband’s “right to document his musical journey and process, just like [Swift] recently did through her documentary [Miss Americana]” and stated “the call between the two of them would have remained private or would have gone in the trash had she not lied & forced me to defend him.”

“This will be the last time I speak on this because honestly, nobody cares,” Kardashian West ended her Twitter thread. “Sorry to bore you all with this. I know you are all dealing with more serious and important matters.”

Meanwhile everyone in quarantine is reading this like:

So then I guess celebrity, Todrick Hall, a bestie of Swift, railed on Kim K via a very X Rated Twitter Rant:

“I cannot stand this woman!” Hall wrote.

He brought up the reality tv’s star sex tape with ex-boyfriend, Ray J.

“Taylor didn’t reignite anything, Kris probably leaked this footage her damn self,” he wrote. “After your Ray J video and publicly documenting every crevice of your vagina … I HIGHLY doubt that you’re embarrassed NOW to respond to this. Just apologize, you self absorbed entitled, stubborn little queef.”

Hall also pushed back against Kim’s claims that Kanye had given Swift a heads up about the “Famous” lyrics which included a line about them having sex. It also riled Swift that the “Ye” rapper claimed he made that “b*tch” famous after he interrupted her 2009 MTV Video Music Awards acceptance speech.

“No one would ever give permission without ever hearing the song,” he wrote. “If they had time to shadily record all this footage, they had time to shoot over an email with the finished product for approval once the song was done #standard.”

He also dismissed any comparison between Swift’s recent Miss Americanadocumentary and Kanye filming his conversations with her. Hall felt there was a purpose to what Swift did with her footage.

“Taylor made a legitimate documentary, not some home videos of her stuttering while asking other celebs with more fans and relevancy to help promote his album,” Hall wrote. “Shouldn’t have needed that trash line about someone who would never sleep with you owing you sex or doing ANYTHING sexual with you.”

“It’s super easy to brush this off with a ‘nobody cares’ & try to conveniently post about corona and take the high road now,” he added. “She is not the one who lost sleep over this and had people sending her snake emojis for YEARS. This was online bullying at the HIGHEST LEVEL & she faces zero consequences.”

Hall has received backlash for bringing up Kim’s past which some felt were misogynist. In another Instagram story later in the day, he felt justified sticking up for his friend.

“Sorry for venting but plz don’t f**k with my friends,” he wrote.

Well…at least he said sorry.

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