“Dark Side of the Ring: After Dark” Goes Deeper Into The Chris Benoit Tragedy

Chavo Guerrero Jr., Tommy Dreamer, and Ben Kissel join Chris Gethard in studio to discuss the life, tragedy, and legacy of Chris Benoit. Watch DARK SIDE OF THE RING, Tuesdays at 10p on VICE TV.

Thank God for this after show because this story has so many things to unpack. The story of Chris Benoit is one that should not be forgotten or erased. It’s a cautionary story but at the heart of it are innocents who through no fault of their own suffered a horrible fate. Thanks to the people behind Dark Side of the Ring, Chris Jericho, Chavo Guerrero Jr. for presenting this story in such a professional and respectful way. Lastly I want to commend the bravery of David Benoit for speaking out about the tragic events. The most sickening thing that makes me ill from all this is the supposed “fans” or online gangsters who make light of the situation or harass the family with inappropriate tweets or messages. People who do that are the scum of the Earth. What these people went through and are still dealing with is not a joke. It takes more guts being kind than to being an asshole.

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