Nine Inch Nails Just Dropped Two New Albums!

Well this month might have started out bad (it’s still bad at the end) but at least March is going out with two new albums released today from the band Nine Inch Nails.

Per Pitchfork:

Nine Inch Nails have surprise-released a new album. Ghosts V-VI arrived suddenly this morning, available as a free download from their website. It comprises Ghosts V: Together and Ghosts VI: Locusts. “Hours and hours of music,” Trent Reznor tweeted. “Free. Some of it kind of happy, some not so much.” Check out two of the tracks from both albums below:

Parts I-IV in the Ghosts series were released as an album in 2008. It included “34 Ghosts IV,” which was later sampled by producer YoungKio for the track that Lil Nas X eventually made into “Old Town Road.”

Check out the track list for both albums below:

Ghosts V: Together:

01 Letting Go While Holding On
02 Together
03 Out in the Open
04 With Faith
05 Apart
06 Your Touch
07 Hope We Can Again
08 Still Right Here

Ghosts VI: Locusts:

01 The Cursed Clock
02 Around Every Corner
03 The Worriment Waltz
04 Run Like Hell
05 When It Happens (Don’t Mind Me)
06 Another Crashed Car
07 Temp Fix
08 Trust Fades
09 A Really Bad Night
10 Your New Normal
11 Just Breathe
12 Right Behind You
13 Turn This Off Please
14 So Tired
15 Almost Dawn

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