Some people are taking “Social Distancing” to a new level

Sure everyone has seen the people at the grocery store these days with the face masks and the surgical gloves. But have you seen the dinosaurs?

These people are winning at life during this Coronavirus

One woman in China wore a giraffe costume when she visited a hospital to protect herself amid the coronavirus outbreak. Her unusual way of protection triggered heated discussion in social media.

According to a report by South China Morning Post, the woman explained that her face masks have expired. She instead brought two costumes online due to the shortage of surgical masks in the country.

The woman, known only as Ms. He, resorted to the bizarre outfit after her sick parents asked her to run errands in Luzhou, China, the Daily Star reported. Mrs. He said she needed to collect medication for her family.

Face masks are becoming a very hard thing to come by. In fact next to toilet paper it might just be the hardest. So you kind of have to applaud the creativeness of these people donning garish halloween masks just go pick up some bread or milk at the grocery store.

Elsewhere, a couple from Texas dressed up as T-Rex to go grocery shopping. Check out that video below:

The duo wore dinosaur costumes that brought some cheerfulness to shoppers and workers.

The pair apparently got all of the items they needed while lugging around a shopping cart and stopping to interact with people.

Pilar Pinilla’s kids provided comic relief to customers at an H-E-B last week in Leon Springs, Texas, a community near San Antonio.

Pinilla told that her daughters, 11-year-old Isabella and 8-year-old Sophia, were “thrilled” to dress up after receiving the go-ahead from the grocery store.

“It was a hoot,” she said. “We wanted to bring some positive energy into the community, and I feel like we did that. People were laughing and smiling, and you can just tell it was a breath of fresh air from what we’ve been seeing.”

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