Role Call #1 Casting “Tiger King: The Movie”

The Tiger King Netflix documentary has taken the world by storm. Ever since this thing dropped it has become the number one thing talked about by everyone. So needless to say, Hollywood has gotten wind of this and is now planning a television series based on the story of Joe Exotic. SNL’s Kate McKinnon has even been cast as Carole Baskin, the arch nemesis of Joe Exotic. So it’s time to kick off the all new HipsterZOMBIEJoint Experience Role Call with the most addictive and crazy documentary, Tiger King!

Michael Keaton as Joe Exotic.
Keaton started in comedy and can play unhinged.
Patricia Arquette as Carole Baskin
Despite McKinnon already being cast, I would have casted a little older. Arquette has played psycho very well in Hulu’s “The Act.”
Michael Rooker as John Reinke
The best part of Tiger King is the supporting characters and to be the manager of GW Zoo you have to cast Rooker!
Seann William Scott as John Finlay
To play the role of one of Joe’s many loves you got to add Stifler himself, Seann William Scott!
Dascha Polanco as Kelci Saffery
To play someone who returned to work 7 days after getting her arm bitten off, you got to cast someone tough. Why not Orange is the New Black’s Dascha Polanco?
Joe Kerry as Travis Maldonado
From Stranger Things to…well stranger things, Kerry would fit right in as Joe’s second husband.
Norman Reedus as Erik Cowie
To play Cowie you need to cast someone who looks like he has seen some shit and likes to smoke. A lot. Bring on Reedus!
Fred Durst as Jeff Lowe
To play a poser you need a poser. Who better to play douche trying to look like a rockstar than a douche trying to look like a rockstar?
Jonah Hill as James Garretson
To play the part of the back stabbing rat Garretson, you need a good actor who looks like he gets easily stressed and paranoid. Come on down Hill!
Stephan Lang as Allen Glover
You need a badass to play the role of Glover. Who better than Avatar villain, Stephan Lang!
Danny McBride as Bhagavan “Doc” Antle
First off, this whole story sounds like it came from the mind of McBride. Second, you can only work at his zoo if you are a big breasted hot chick. Yup, that’s McBride.
Bryan Cranston as Rick Kirkham
You need someone who looks distinguished amongst all the meth, cat hair, and Mountain Dew. Bring on Cranston!
Sam Trammell as Tim Stark
Sam Trammell starred in HBO’s “True Blood” as Sam Merlotte and more recently in Showtime’s “Homeland.” Though Trammell’s role as Sam Merlotte was mostly good-natured, he did show his angry and vicious side a few times and could tap into that should he portray Stark.
Tommy Chong as Mario Tabraue
Mario Tabraue, the former drug dealer who once stuffed drugs inside snakes, was the leader of a 10-year drug ring in Miami. Chong sounds like perfect casting to me!
Stephen Merchant as Howard Baskin
Stephen Merchant voices his support for being fan cast as Howard Baskin, they look so much alike!

Who would you cast in a Tiger King Movie? Let us know in the comments and stay tuned for future Role Calls only on HipsterZOMBIEJoint Experience!

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