The Lord of the Rings with Lightsabers

A disturbance in the force has led the fellowship to the Kyber mines of Moria. A place long thought to be dead. But an evil presence stirs below…

Per Nerdist:

This video comes from the fantastic YouTube channel ImmersionVFX, the same team that brought us Cleganebowl with lightsabers. That was a gorgeous edit made within a week of the episode airing. This massive project took five months to create. It’s easy to see why. Every participant in the fight has their own lightsaber inside the Chamber of Mazarbul. That includes the troll at one point. (Which makes us wonder if Luke Skywalker would have survived a lightsaber wielding Rancor at Jabba’s Palace.)

You can really appreciate how much work went into this at the end. The Fellowship of the Ring tries to outrun hundreds and hundreds of orcs who are all carrying their own lightsabers, and the visual is incredible.

And yet the best part might be those lightsaber-tipped arrows. We need more of those, and we need them a long time ago.

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