Is John Cena Hinting At Playing Valiant Comic’s X-O Manowar?

John Cena has recently posted on his official Instagram account a post about Valiant Comics beloved superhero X-O Manowar.

Cena doesn’t include any context to the post, however his Instagram profile does say, “Welcome to my Instagram. These images will be posted without explanation, for your interpretation. Enjoy.” Allegedly, Sony and Valiant Entertainment are considering making a live-action movie adaption of this superhero as former Valiant publisher Dinesh Shamdasani (and current “Bloodshot” film producer) stated a couple years ago that a X-O Manowar film was in development at the time.

If X-O Manowar’s movie is next, it will come after Valiant Comic’s equally beloved superhero Bloodshot’s recent own starring Vin Diesel which debuted earlier this year via official streaming purchase.

Valiant Entertainment are allegedly planning their own Valiant Cinematic Universe (or VCU for short) in tone to that of Marvel’s MCU with Bloodshot having kicking it all off. Unfortunately, with Harbinger having recently moved to Paramount, that particular beloved property won’t be included in the VCU at this time.

Valiant’s beloved “X-O Manowar” comic book is about a warrior named Aric of Dacia from fifth-century Europe, heir to the throne of the Visigoth people who is abducted by an alien race known as the Vine. Far away in space, Aric gains possession of a sentient X-O Manowar armor that allows him to become even stronger as he vows to take on the Vine and save his people.

What do you all think though? Is Cena hinting to his involvement in the live-action movie, or could he even be alluding to him writing a new X-O Manowar comic book title her even?

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