Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lopez, & Shawn Mendes Join Lady Gaga’s Benefit Concert

LadyGaga and GlobalCitizen’s ginormous global coronavirus relief benefit concert just got even bigger! On Tuesday morning, the event that in addition to their already stacked lineup, a slew of other comedians, actors, and musicians like #TaylorSwift, #Usher, #ShawnMendes, #CamilaCabello, #SamSmith, #JenniferLopez, and #AliciaKeys have hopped up on as well. Tay-Tay and friends join the likes of #Kesha, #LiamPayne, #Lizzo, #BillieEilish, and Gaga herself. The ‘One World: #TogetherAtHome’ concert will benefit the WHO, and has already raised more than $35 million. The concert airs Saturday, April 18 at 8 PM, and you can catch it on MTV!

WHO otherwise known as the World Health Organization, has come under fire as of late for not being completely forth coming about the origins and severity of COVID-19.

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