“Sims” & “Sims City” In Early Live-Action Development

The popular Sims video game franchise has been in development hell since 2007. The game that allows people to play God with slew of humanoids who talk in gibberish and have green jewels over their heads is now in talks once again to come to the big screen. Thanks to the worldwide box office success of Sonic The Hedgehog and the success of Netflix’s The Witcher, movie studios have been scrambling to nab video game licenses. As first reported by Geeks WorldWide, Legendary Pictures is actively developing live-action film adaptations of the wildly popular Sims video game franchise.

Per the initial report, two films based on the property are in the works. The first is a live-action film based on the city-building video game series SimCity. Created by Will Wright, SimCity originally released in 1989. The game spawned several spinoffs and has spread across every major gaming platform. The screenplay will reportedly be written by newcomer Mike Rosillio. Moreover, the report describes the movie as “a comedic version of a Roland Emmerich-esuqe disaster movie inside the world of SimCity”. Legendary’s Senior Vice President of Development Ali Mendes and Terminator Salvation John Silk will oversee the film’s ongoing development.

Okay that last part isn’t too promising, but the idea of a Sims movie could be really funny in the form of screwed up version of Big Brother. Sims 4 is currently available on XBOX and PlayStation.

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