Florida lawyer dresses as Grim Reaper to protest reopening of beaches

A Florida man is not happy with his governor’s decision to reopen beaches.

Per The Guardian:

Florida’s governor, Ron DeSantis, announced on Friday that state parks will soon reopen, even as the coronavirus pandemic continued and Death himself stalked the beaches of the Sunshine state.

In fairness, the Grim Reaper in question was actually Daniel Uhlfelder, a lawyer and campaigner for public beach access who put on a cowl and wielded a scythe in an attempt to alert Floridians to the dangers of reopening their economy too soon.

As footage of a socially distanced interview with a TV reporter at Miramar Beach in Walton county went viral, Uhlfelder told CNN: “We aren’t at the point now where we have enough testing, enough data, enough preparation for what’s going to be coming to our state from all over the world from this pandemic.

“I know how beautiful and attractive our beaches are. But if we don’t take measures to control things, this virus is going to get really, really out of control.”

There have been nearly 35,000 cases in Florida, and just over 1,300 deaths.

States across the US are grappling with how and how quickly to reopen their shuttered economies. In general, Republican governors are moving more swiftly to reopen than Democrats.

Uhlfelder hopes to use his protest to reap donations to Democrats running for Congress.

Do you agree with his protest? Let us know in the comments.

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