“The New Mutants” Film Is Available For Pre-Order On Amazon?

The much delayed “New Mutants” film is finally getting closer to release. And it is coming to PVOD.

Josh Boone’s upcoming superhero horror feature “The New Mutants” has had anything but a smooth production so far. Originally scheduled for a release in April 2018, it has been hampered with consistent delays, and plans of extensive reshoots that never came to fold. It’s had more reshoots and studio tampering than the Justice League film with less than half of the fan anticipation.

However, with the success of studios releasing their films via PVOD during the COVID-19 epidemic, Disney is now also hoping to recoup at least a little bit on the last footnote in the Fox X-Men Franchise.

On Monday afternoon, people started noticing that you could actually buy The New Mutants through Amazon’s digital video service. It costs $24.99 to pre-order and seems to be a purchase, rather than a rental. Unfortunately, there is no release date set for the pre-order, so there’s no way to know exactly when you would get the movie. As of now, the message above the pre-order option simply reads, “Get this movie as soon as it becomes available.”

A new trailer for the film debuted online just a few months ago, showing that the aim was still to put the movie in theaters. However, it seems like now Disney might just want to cut their losses and put the disconnected Marvel film (it’s not apart of the regular MCU films) on streaming platforms.

Will you be disappointed if the film never sees a theatrical release? Let us know in the comments.

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