Aaron Paul & Bryan Cranston Are Back In Business!

What makes two successful American actors take a road trip to one of the most remote villages in Mexico? Mezcal. Aaron Paul introduced it to Bryan Cranston and soon the longtime friends and co-stars felt compelled to introduce mezcal to a larger audience and put a spotlight on this odd little gem.

Over the course of a long adventure through a lot of strange places, they tasted a myriad of Mezcals. They felt they still hadn’t found the one when they were looking for until they reached their last stop in the most remote village of their entire journey— San Luis del Rio. That’s where they met 7th generation Mezcal maker, Gregorio Velasco. Gregorio poured them a distillation that expressed the genre’s signature smokiness with a smoothness and balance that made them immediately say “a huevo”. In Spanish, a huevo is akin to saying “hell yes” in English, although when literally translated, a huevo means “to egg.” Some things get lost in translation, but luckily flavor isn’t one of them

The Dos Hombres Espadin Mezcal has a balanced nose of apple aromas and Espadin agave, followed by fresh fruity notes of mango and a hint of sapote fruit. It offers a perfectly balanced, soft hint of the wooden barrels in which it was fermented, along with a discreet smoky finish.

The balance and smoothness that first hooked Aaron and Bryan remains at the very core of the brand. Dos Hombres is for sipping and contemplating. It’s about relaxation; slowing down and taking a minute. In the 70s, Coke wanted to teach the world to sing. In 2020, Dos Hombres wants the world to breathe.

Dos Hombres is also deeply committed to sustainability. They only use natural fertilizers (abono de arriera) available in the Oaxaca region. Agave waste from distillation (bagazo) is also used as natural fertilizer for the agave. The soil is treated during the agave growing period (6-8 years) with these natural fertilizers. After harvest, soil is maintained intact for 3-4 years before planting agave again. Organic residues (linazas) in copper stills are set in an isolated container, after distillation. PH is organically neutralized with wood ashes prior to waste disposal. In the future, Dos Hombres is building a cooling system to exclusively treat water used to cool our copper stills so this water may be repurposed.

You can purchase Dos Hombres at the link below:


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