These Youtubers Tricked Carole Baskin into Giving Us Her First Interview Since Tiger King

Tiger King’s, Carol Baskin just can’t catch a break. But she is taking the most recent prank on her in stride.

Per Entertainment Weekly:

The Big Cat Rescue CEO and subject of the Netflix documentary series Tiger King was recently tricked into taking part in her first video interview since the doc’s release by two YouTubers who used chopped up audio clips to pretend to be Jimmy Fallon.

British content creators Josh Pieters and Archie Manners recently released a new video revealing how they managed to get in contact with Baskin — who has been outspoken in her disapproval of her portrayal in Tiger King — and posed as bookers for The Tonight Show.

Baskin initially refused, but eventually relented when the pair agreed that “Fallon” would only ask about her organization and big cats in general, and not about the various allegations and insinuations made by the documentary.

The pair used the remote taping format of the Tonight Show: Home Edition to explain why Baskin would only be hearing Fallon, instead of seeing him in the interview, and then used spliced-together audio from different Tonight Show clips to ask her about how her zoo has been amid the coronavirus outbreak.

While the prank itself could have been much meaner, the duo ended up asking Baskin legitimate questions — using Fallon’s voice — and gave her a platform to talk about the Big Cat Safety Act — a law she’s been championing to end the abuse of lions, tigers and other big cats by private owners — and she revealed how severely the pandemic has impacted Big Cat Rescue.

Its easy to start feeling bad for her, but then you remember…

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