We Finally Understand The Entire Darth Maul Story

From Episode 1 to Clone Wars to Solo and finally Rebels: Darth Maul’s story arc

Per Looper:

Ever since his debut in The Phantom Menace, Darth Maul has become one of Star Wars’ most iconic villains, but his tale stretches far beyond that one movie. From his sinister origins to his final duel, this is the story of Darth Maul. The child who would eventually become Darth Maul was born on the planet Dathomir, a world controlled by a matriarchal order of dark side Force users known as the Nightsisters. Maul grew up in a tribe ruled by the ferocious Mother Talzin. Talzin planned for her three sons to become Nightbrothers, the all-male warriors who protect and serve the Nightsisters. But all that changed on the day that Darth Sidious came to Dathomir. As part of his plan for galactic domination, Sidious wished to learn more of the dark side from the Nightsisters. After working with Mother Talzin for a time, Sidious was impressed by her abilities and offered to take her on as his new apprentice. But he never did. Instead, Sidious kidnapped one of Talzin’s sons and vanished from Dathomir.

He not only sensed great potential in the boy, but also wanted an apprentice that he could control completely. Whatever this child’s birth name was, it’s now lost to history, as Sidious renamed him Maul. Sidious’ brainwashing of Darth Maul was successful, and he grew up to be a formidable Sith warrior. Due to his tremendous skill, Maul was also impatient for the time when he would finally get the chance to fight a Jedi. But because Sidious didn’t want to reveal the Sith Order’s reemergence until the last possible moment, he forbade Maul from doing so. Despite this, Maul soon learns of a Jedi Padawan named Eldra Kaitis who has been captured by a criminal cartel. Maul decides to ignore his master’s orders to remain hidden, and travels to the auction where Kaitis is being sold as a slave. After a series of misadventures, Maul manages to rescue Kaitis from captivity, only to then challenge her to a duel. In the end, even though Kaitis fights valiantly, Maul defeats and kills her.

After Darth Maul returns to his master, he suspects that Sidious will be upset with him for his disobedience. But Sidious congratulates him, telling him that the Sith were born in defiance, and that Maul has embraced the very nature of their order. Darth Sidious asks his apprentice if his bloodlust has been sated by this, and Maul tells him that it has not. Sidious replies: “Good.”

Check out the full video above to see the full journey of Darth Maul.

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