HipsterZOMBIEJoint Movie Review: Blood Quantum

The term “blood quantum” refers to a colonial blood measurement system that is used to determine an individual’s Indigenous status, and is criticized as a tool of control and erasure of Indigenous peoples. The words take on even more provocative implications as the title of Jeff Barnaby’s sophomore feature, which grimly depicts an apocalyptic scenario where in an isolated “Mi’gmaq” community discover they are the only humans immune to a zombie plague. As the citizens of surrounding cities flee to the “Mi’gmaq” reserve in search of refuge from the outbreak, the community must reckon with whether to let the outsiders in – and thus risk not just the extinction of their tribe but of humanity, period.

Despite some remarkable zombie kills and very inventive gore scenes, Blood Quantum lacks likable characters and you aren’t really rooting for anyone per se. Everyone is very monotone in their delivery, only the main human antagonist, Lysol, really shows any levels of emotion. It’s a shame the characters aren’t more memorable because the film’s plot and story should be enough to make this a very unique and new zombie classic. However the film is only a light recommend for me. Like I said, the film excels in the action and gore. The last 30 minutes of the film is a joyride of blood and gore. But it’s not enough to make me run out and sing it’s praises.

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