“Arrow” Writer Joins Rob Liefeld’s “Prophet” Film

The 90s are truly making a comeback even in the form of live action comic book films. Comic book creator Rob Liefeld took the comic book world by storm in the 1990s with his Youngblood series. Prophet spun out of the team book and now the character is set to hit the big screen.

Per Slashfilm:

Former Warner Bros. production president Jeff Robinov’s Studio 8 is developing a Prophet movie centering on that character, a supersoldier who is cryogenically frozen and wakes up years in the future, and now the film has found a writer. MarcGuggenheim, who developed The CW’s Arrow and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, will be tackling the screenplay. 

Prophet as an extreme anti-version of Captain America. John Prophet is a ruthless DNA-enhanced supersoldier from World War II era who’s put on ice for decades, Demolition Man-style. But when he wakes up in the future, he realizes he woke up years before he was supposed to, so he has no defined mission and must regain his humanity in an unfamiliar world.

Liefeld’s original run on the series suffered from the same drawbacks as many comics of that era. Action over substance seemed to be the name of the game back then, and that’s what sold. But Prophet was rebooted as a more experimental comic a few years ago, and that’s when things got reallyinteresting. The new version feels more like an experimental story, with limited dialogue, wild visuals, and huge, swing-for-the-fences ideas that seems like the type of bold storytelling that no studio would try to replicate in movie form. (A small taste of the revamped version: the story takes place 10,000 years in the future, where Prophet visits a formerly-living alien spaceship and joins a caravan where aliens eat the waste of the creatures in front of them.

We will see which version Hollywood will choose to go with when the film hits the big screen.

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