Supergirl Film Put On Back Burner For…Superman?

After the debacle of the rushed Justice League film, Both Superman and actor Henry Cavill were put on the shelf indefinitely by Warner Bros. The success of the last Mission Impossible film that featured Cavill also raised the price of his contract with Warner Bros. A price WB DID NOT want to pay.

So rumors began to swirl that Cavill was out as Superman, Creed’s Michael B. Jordan was being courted to take over the role, and talk of a Supergirl film began to pick up stream.

Fans responded negatively, and demanded that Henry Cavill be given another shot of the Man of Steel.

Instead of the Supergirl movie featuring Brainiac as the lead antagonist (it was even rumored to be set in the 1970s), Warner Bros, is now focusing on Superman again.

Alternatively, they could look at bringing Cavill back into the fold as the English actor has expressed interest multiple times in playing Superman again despite rumored contractual disputes.

A Supergirl TV series currently airs on The CW, while a Superman TV show titled Superman & Lois is expected to join it once work on the Arrowverse series is able to resume. 

Man of Steel is an unappreciated masterpiece overshadowed by the missteps of Batman v Superman and Justice League. Hopefully we will see Cavill again as Superman.

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