Have You Heard About The ”Dead To Me” Drinking Gane?

If there are two things this COVID-19/quarantine life has afforded us it’s more time to drink and more time to binge new Netflix shows. So the good people at Netflix were like, “Why not do both?”

Enter “Dead To Me” Season 2 Drinking Game.

Per Popsugar:

Jen and Judy like to sip on something strong in basically every episode, and after what they’ve been through, can you blame ’em? Amid all their troubles, they rely on their friendship more than ever in season two, which is a great reminder to keep your besties close. If you’re not able to hang out with your own crew right now, try playing Netflix’s Jen-and-Judy-themed game over FaceTime with your favorite beverages nearby. The game includes fun prompts like “Drink once if Jen says f*ck twice in one sentence” and “Drink twice if you sing along to a Holy Harmonies performance,” which will likely leave you buzzed. Check out the full list below and rope your besties into a virtual streaming session.

Now get to watchin’ and drankin.’

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