Are We Finally Getting Closer To A Big Screen “Wicked” Film?

The musical, Wicked has captivated audiences for years. Despite many rumors of a big screen adaptation nothing has ever fully materialized. Until now.

Per GeekVibesNation:

Earlier this week we got some exciting news that Wicked director Stephen Daldry was looking at Imelda Staunton for the role of Madame Morrible. There still has been no confirmation that any talks have happened or if an offer has been made. I will add that a recent Production Weekly listing does back up our report that Imelda is a person of interest. Their listing also indicates filming is expected to being in January 2021 in London, New York and Los Angeles. With the current pandemic though all production dates should be taken with a grain of salt. The film was already pushed from its 2021 release date so a 2022 release date would be most likely.

Some more exciting news that we have heard but I cannot verify further so also take this news with a grain of salt is that casting is ramping up. We have been told from a reliable source but again this is just a rumor for now, producers are interested in Dove Cameron and Lili Reinhart for the role of Galinda/Glinda the Good Witch. Lili is currently attached to the hit CW series, Riverdale and Dove is known for her role as  Mal in the Descendants film series. Dove has been fancast and rumored for the movie for some time but our source hears that she is a legitimate contender for a role in the movie.

In Wicked Glinda is more snobby and mean unlike in the Wizard of Oz movie where she is portrayed in a more gentle and caring light. Glinda initially hates Elphaba (Wicked Witch) but grows to like her and they become friends. Wicked has been a hit Broadway show and theater production for years and fans have been clamoring for an adapted film version.

Synopsis: Elphaba, the future Wicked Witch of the West, has gotten a bum rap. Her mother is embarrassed and repulsed by her bright-green baby with shark’s teeth and an aversion to water. At college, the coed experiences disapproval and rejection by her roommate, Glinda, a silly girl interested only in clothes, money, and popularity. Elphaba is a serious and inquisitive student. When she learns that the Wizard of Oz is politically corrupt and causing economic ruin, Elphaba finds a sense of purpose to her life to stop him and to restore harmony and prosperity to the land. A Tin Man, Cowardly Lion, Scarecrow, and an unknown species called a “Dorothy” appear in very small roles… The story presents Elphaba in a sympathetic and empathetic manner-readers will want her to triumph! The conclusion, however, is the same as L. Frank Baum’s.

What are your thoughts on Dove Cameron or Lili Reinhart possibly playing Glinda?

Personally I would have cast Ariana Grande as Glinda and Zendaya as Elphaba but that’s my dream casting. Either way, Wicked is something an entire generation has been dying to see get the big screen treatment. Hopefully we are one step closer to it.

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  1. Ok I have a few crazy ideas but hear me out (and I’ll try to explain why I’ve chosen these people).

    Elphaba:Q’orianka Kilcher. She’s an actress and singer (she famously played Pocahontas when she was 14). I believe she can hit the notes and definitely has the right voice for Elphaba. I thought she’d make an amazing Elphaba when I saw her fight scene in Alienist. Additionally, she’s a noted activist and has been arrested for protesting in front of the White House ( though she wasn’t charged I believe). That’s total Elphaba behaviour.

    Glinda: Jackie Evancho, the opera singer. She’s an 8 time Billboard (Classical) topper and definitely has the vocal chops and one acting credit. In the Masked Singer, she also showed her pop voice. This could be her vehicle.

    Fiyero: Darren Criss or Harry Styles. Pure stunt casting

    Madame Morrible: Julie Andrews or Whoopi Goldberg. Both stars, both having musical theater experience, both accomplished actresses with a long list of accolades.

    Nessarose: Zendaya. I don’t Zendaya had the magnetic quality to play the Wicked Witch of the West, but she can play the frail girl who becomes the obsessive Wicked Witch of the East.

    Boq: Tom Holland ( Marvel fanbase, ex West End star)

    Doctor Dillamond: Denzel Washington , who actually has Broadway experience and won a Tony( I think). I’m not sure if his voice is all that good but Dillamond doesn’t do much singing. Plus, his involvement will elevate the movie from a casual musical comedy to a dark commentary on society (and attract even serious movie goers)

    The Wizard: since Elphaba’s just 20 something, I always imagined the wizard to be in his 50-60s. I really wanted it to be a noted actor who’s very familiar to the audience. So I think Tom Hanks would make an amazing Wizard.

    That’s just a few ideas I had. I’d be okay with Dove as Glinda granted she can sing the score, but Lilly Reinhart and Grande should be kept as far from the movie as possible.


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