Lady Gaga & Ariana Grande Team Up For The Sci-fi Themed Music Video “Rain On Me”

Lady Gaga has released the second single from her hotly anticipated new album “Chromatica” titled “Rain On Me.” Gaga teams up with pop princess Ariana Grande for the sci-fi themed music video.

The video is a further step into the “world” of Chromatica, as Gaga has described, after her video for the single “Stupid Love”which found Gaga and her dancers having a spacey dance party in the middle of the desert. (And the new song itself is slays, but we’ve known that for 13 hours now.) Gaga’s pink-clad dancers are back, and they meet a group of purple dancers led by Ari during a rainstorm of daggers. Then they do what people tend to do in the world of Chromatica, which is have a dance party.

The music video is directed by Machete & Sin City Director Robert Rodríguez. While the pink and purple-hued outfits and makeup feel right out of Gaga’s wheelhouse, the dark and looming cityscapes look taken right out of Rodriguez’s most recent film, Alita: Battle AngelJust as in that film, the music video’s imagery and message speak to finding strength amid a world that seems set against you. “I’d rather be dry, but at least I’m alive,” Gaga sings as she recovers from the floor from daggers falling from the sky before dancing along with her backup singers. Later, as the camera swirls, we find Ariana Grande joining in, mirroring Gaga’s moves with her own spin. Both a rave and a celebration, the dance-heavy track is giving us 90s vibes in sound and imagery alike.

You can stream Rain On Me now on Apple Music and Spotify.

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