Labyrinth Sequel Lands Scott Derrickson As Director

A sequel to the 80s cult classic David Bowie & puppets movie, Labyrinth, has been talked about for years. But it’s always been set firmly in development hell. Now, the planned film appears to be moving forward with Doctor Strange Director, Scott Derrickson.

Per Deadline:

Derrickson, who directed 2016’s Doctor Strange and passed on directing the upcoming sequel earlier this year, confirmed the news on Twitter. Henson’s daughter Lisa of the Jim Henson Company will produce, while his son Brian will executive produce. The script will be written by Maggie Levin — who recently wrote and directed Into the Dark: My Valentine on Hulu. “Think I’ll write a screenplay today,” Levin cracked.

Henson directed the musical fantasy in 1986 — four years after The Dark Crystal — with George Lucas as executive producer. It stars a teenage Jennifer Connelly as Sarah, who must go into the depths of a labyrinth to rescue her infant brother from Jareth the Golbin King, an iconic role played by David Bowie.

“I loved the magic, the mystery,” Bowie told Bravo of the role in 1987. “Jim Henson, George Lucas and I knew from the beginning I would play Jareth.” Added Henson in a separate interview about the late musician’s role: “Since we knew from the beginning that he was going to have to sing, we then thought it would be fun to bring rock music into a fantasy film, and the choice was easy: David is one of the best, if not the best, singer/actor of the moment, and he had the advantage of being able to be seductive, threatening, [and] scary.”

However, with the passing of Bowie in 2016, a true sequel is out of the question. That is a Goblin King. But what about a Goblin…Queen??? I for one would looooove to see Lady Gaga take over the role and do a gender swap to the original story. Maybe Jennifer Connolly has a son who has to confront the Goblin Queen. Gaga would absolutely kill it. Check out some fan art below by Deviantart artist: Panchecco:

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