Henry Cavill To Take Flight As Superman In Future DC Movies

FINALLY! Henry Cavill will be donning the red cape again for the role of Superman in future DC Cinematic Universe films. For a long time after Justice League it was believed Cavill had left the role due to contract disputes with Warner Bros. Now we have some fantastic news from ComicBookNews regarding the matter, check it out below:

Henry Cavill will once again put on Superman’s red cape for DC Films. While a report in 2018suggested Cavill had left the role behind, ComicBook.com has learned that Cavill and Warner Bros. have set a deal for the Man of Steelactor to reprise his role as Superman in future DC Comics-based films. This deal does not mean that Man of Steel 2 is in the works. Instead, the studio will use Cavill’s Superman similarly to how Marvel Studios has used the Hulk, playing supporting roles and making cameo appearances in films headlined by other heroes. The future of the Superman film series, with or without Cavill, remains to be determined. The studio has not yet decided which films will include Cavill’s Superman.

You don’t bring back Superman without a bigger picture in sight. I could see Cavill popping up in Shazam 2 and The Flash film and then a long awaited sequel after to Man of Steel. But they got to crank these DC Films out because Cavill ain’t getting any younger.

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